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Atlas LCR - Passive Component Analyser - Model LCR40
Atlas Star Pack
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  89.95 inc VAT (74.96 + VAT)  
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All our LCR instruments are calibrated using the same system, you have an option to buy with or without a certificate:
LCR40 (74.96+VAT) LCR40 with certificate (91.63+VAT)
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The Worlds First
The Atlas LCR is an advanced instrument that greatly simplifies the testing of passive components. Traditional LCR bridges are inherently complex and very time consuming to use. The Atlas LCR does everything automatically, it tells you the component type in addition to component value data. Whats more, the Atlas LCR automatically selects the best signal level and frequency for the particular component under test.

Simple to use
Just clip the universal test leads to your component and press the test button. In seconds, the Atlas LCR will identify the type of component (Inductor, Capacitor or Resistor) together with the components main value. Additionally, further component data is also displayed, such as the DC resistance of an inductor. The test frequency is automatically selected to suit the component under test and this is also confirmed on the scrollable display.
Atlas LCR - Passive Component Analyser - Model LCR40
Complete with battery and new 2mm compatible hook probes as standard
The Atlas LCR is supplied with our new 2mm compatible detachable micro-hooks, allowing the use of a range of 2mm compatible probes.
Surface Mount Tweezer Probes Option - Model SMD03 Surface Mount Tweezer Probes Option - Model SMD03
Optional Tweezer Probes (SMD03m) are 18.29+VAT Optional Croc Set (CRC01m) are 7.46+VAT
Parameters Minimum Typical Maximum Notes
Resistance range 1R   2MR  
resolution 0.3R 0.6R    
accuracy Typically 1.0% 1.2R 1,2,6
Capacitance range 0.5pF   10,000F  
resolution 0.2pF 0.5pF  
accuracy Typically 1.5% 1.0pF 1,2,5
Inductance range 1H   10H  
resolution 0.4H 0.8H    
accuracy  Typically 1.5% 1.6H 1,2,4
Peak test voltage (across O/C) -1.05V   +1.05V  
Peak test current (thru S/C) -3.25mA   +3.25mA  
1kHz -1.5% 1% +1.5%  
14.925kHz -1.5% 1% +1.5%  
200kHz -1.5% 1% +1.5%  
Sine Purity Typically -60dB 3rd harmonic  
Operating temperature range 10C   40C 3
  50F   104C  
Battery operating Voltage 8.5V   13V    


Example screenshots for some typical components:
A view inside:
Notes for table above:
1. Within 12 months of factory calibration. Please contact us if you require a full re-calibration and/or certification of traceable calibration.
2. Specified at temperatures between 15C and 30C (59F and 86F) .
3. Subject to acceptable LCD visibility.
4. For inductances between 100H and 100mH.
5. For capacitances between 200pF and 500nF.
6. For resistances between 10Ω and 1MΩ.
Modern Surface Mount Design

Typical Accuracy Curves For Capacitance, Inductance and Resistance

Atlas LCR - Passive Component Analyser - Model LCR40
  Data Sheet
User Guide
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