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SOT23 Test Adapter - Model PCA23
Pricing (and terms)

 19.50 inc VAT (16.25 + VAT)

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Peak Component Adapter for testing SOT23 Parts (Model PCA23) 

This beautiful SOT23 test adapter is designed to complement your DCA55 or your DCA75 (or any other semiconductor tester). It's extremely easy to use thanks to the special spring-loaded SOT23 socket assembly. Your SOT23 part is gently and securely held against gold plated sprung contacts with a carefully controlled contact force.

The adapter is designed to look like a giant SOT23 part, so it's easy to visualise the pinout of the part inside when using the DCA55 or DCA75.

The unit is supported on 4 non-slip feet which also serves to keep the unit slightly raised from your work surface allowing for easier connections using micro-hooks or croc clips.

The large area gold plated pads are also great for multimeter prods.

SOT23 Test Adapter (Model PCA23)
SOT23 Test Adapter in use
Insert your device into the SOT23 Test Adapter Your device in the SOT23 Test Adapter
Pick up your SOT23 component... ...and place it inside the adapter, close the lid.
Testing your SOT23 device in the SOT23 Test Adapter
Connect your tester using the selection of the gold plated test pads
Summary Specifications
Suitability SOT23 3 pins
Max current capability 100mA
Max voltage capability (1) 50Vac, 75Vdc
SOT23 contact material Gold flash
SOT23 contact resistance <10mΩ
Test pad contact material Gold flash
Pad-pad track resistance (2) <20mΩ
Temperature Range (3) -34C to 65C
-55C to 155C
Weight 13 grams
Dimensions 50 x 60 x 17mm
View of both sides
(1) To comply with Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC.
(2) Measured between both "red" pads, or both "green" pads, or both "blue" pads.
(3) Temperature range of -34C to 65C limited by polyethylene feet. Limit of the rest of the assembly is -55C to 155C.
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