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Component Analyser Selection Chart
Only summary information shown here. For more detailed product data, please click on the product heading.
A chart specifically for the LCR40 and LCR45 is at the bottom of this page.
Chart Key:   Yes Supported   Partially Partially supported, see notes.
Function/Feature LCR40 LCR45 ESR70 DCA55 DCA75 SCR100 ZEN50 Notes
Resistance Measurement Yes Yes Partially         ESR70 measures 0.00 to 40Ω. LCR40/45 measures 1Ω to 2MΩ.
Inductance Measurement Yes Yes           LCR40 min resolution of 0.8μH, LCR45 0.2μH.
Low Value Capacitance (<1μF) Measurement Yes Yes           LCR40 min resolution of 0.5pF, LCR45 0.2pF.
High Value Capacitance (>1μF) Measurement Yes Yes Yes         ESR70 up to 22000μF, LCR40/45 up to 10000μF.
ESR Measurement     Yes          
Automatic Component Type  Identification Yes Yes   Yes Yes Yes   General component type identification (not part numbers).
Complex impedance Measurement   Yes            
Magnitude and Phase of impedance   Yes            
Continuous fluid Measurements   Yes         Yes  
Manual and Auto Modes   Yes            
Automatic Pinout Identification       Yes Yes Yes    
In-Circuit Support     Partially         ESR70 can be used in-circuit for ESR measurement, but not in-circuit for capacitance.
Built-in sounder (pass/fail etc)     Yes   Yes      
USB communication         Yes     For firmware upgrade, component data and curve tracing.
Graphic display of component symbol         Yes      
PC based curve tracing         Yes     Curve tracing for +/-12V, +/-12mA.
Interchangeable Probe Support Yes Yes Yes         Supports industry standard 2mm connectors.
Component Support                
Inductors Yes Yes            
Capacitors Yes Yes Yes          
Resistors Yes Yes Yes         ESR70 measures 0.00 to 40Ω.
Bipolar Transistors       Yes Yes      
"Digital" Transistors       Yes Yes      
Darlington Transistors       Yes Yes      
MOSFETs       Yes Yes      
"Smart" Protected MOSFETs         Yes      
Diodes       Yes Yes   Yes  
Diode Networks       Yes Yes      
LEDs       Yes Yes   Yes ZEN50 supports up to 50V strings.
BiColour LEDs       Yes Yes     Two and Three lead types.
Triacs and SCRs (Thyristors)       Partially Partially Yes   Atlas DCA test currents 5mA max. DCA Pro test currents 10mA max.
Junction FETs       Partially Yes     Atlas DCA will only identify the gate lead of JFETs.
SiC Normally-Off JFETs         Yes      
Zener diodes         Partially   Yes DCA75 supports Zener voltage up to around 9V at 5mA. ZEN50 supports up to 50V at up to 15mA.
IGBTs         Yes      
Voltage regulators         Yes     Regulator voltage up to around 8V.
Semiconductor Measurements                
PN junction voltage drop       Yes Yes   Yes  
hFE (gain) measurement       Yes Yes     Typically from 4 to 32000.
Bipolar leakage current       Yes Yes      
Digital transistor resistances         Yes     Measurement of series and shunt resistors.
Digital transistor thresholds         Yes     Measurement of on/off input thresholds.
Darlington resistances         Yes     Total base-emitter resistance measurement.
IGBT gate threshold voltage         Yes      
MOSFET gate threshold voltage       Yes Yes      
JFET pinch-off voltage         Yes      
Transconductance         Yes     Transconductance for JFETs, MOSFETs, SiC JFETs and IGBTs.
Zener voltage         Partially   Yes DCA75 supports Zener voltage up to around 9V at 5mA. ZEN50 supports up to 50V at up to 15mA.
Zener slope resistance             Yes  
Regulator output voltage         Yes     Regulator voltage up to around 8V.
Regulator drop-out voltage         Yes      
Regulator quiescent current         Yes      
Triac and SCR gate sensitivity           Yes   Atlas SCR can categorise gate sensitivity from 50uA to 90mA.
More Detailed LCR Comparison Chart
Feature LCR40 LCR45
Component type detection Auto only Auto and Manual
L, C and R display Yes Yes
Min. inductance resolution 0.8uH 0.2uH
Min. capacitance resolution 0.5pF 0.2pF
Min. resistance resolution 0.6 Ohms 0.2 Ohms
Frequency selection (DC, 1kHz, 15kHz and 200kHz) Auto only Auto and Manual
Measurement scheme 1 snapshot on press Continuous (with optional hold)
Complex impedance display No Yes
Complex admittance display No Yes
Magnitude and Phase display No Yes
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