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Our Details
Postal Address: Telephone: +44 (0)1298 70012 Atlas House Building
Peak Electronic Design Ltd
Atlas House, 2 Kiln Lane
Harpur Hill Business Park
Buxton, Derbyshire
SK17 9JL
United Kingdom

(end of our phone number is only 5 digits)

Terms of Business

If you're looking for our Terms of Business, click this link: terms (opens in a pop-up)

About Peak

Peak Electronic Design Ltd take great pride in the design and manufacture of innovative electronic test equipment. All our supplies are sourced from manufacturers and agents within the EU. Additionally, all our manufacturing processes are performed here in the UK so we can keep a close eye on all the steps from design, through manufacturing, calibration, testing and packing.

As the designers and manufacturers of all our products, we're able to provide the most direct, expert and friendly support possible. Not many electronic test equipment manufacturers can say that. We can even investigate special customer requests and include the resulting new features in subsequent product updates.

Jeremy Siddons, the founding Director of Peak Electronic Design says "As a keen electronics enthusiast and Engineer, I know what I want out of my test equipment. The equipment that we manufacture is part of my personal and professional lab resources".

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