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Peak News
LCR gets a makeover inside and out

The new Atlas LCR45 builds on the success of the popular LCR40. Adding high resolution ADCs, a higher capacity micro and new software from the ground-up, this new LCR meter brings a host of advanced measurement features.

Now all the important component data is shown on one screen, with the option to view further impedance information in a variety of formats including:

  • Complex impedance (Resistive and Reactive vectors)

  • Complex admittance (Conductance and Susceptance)

  • Magnitude and Phase of impedance

Featuring continuous fluid measurements and finer resolution, check out the LCR45 here.

The popular LCR40 will continue to be available.

Velleman become our newest European distribution partner

Famous for their superb range of electronic kits and equipment, Velleman are now distributing our products to help us reach enthusiasts and professionals across Europe. Check out our distribution partner page and make sure you drop by Velleman to see our products as well as their stunning electronics kits.

Peak's Distribution Partners

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