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ATPK3 - Atlas Pro Pack - LCR45 + DCA75 + Case

Analyser type: Dual pack for Semiconductors and LCRs.
Instruments included: DCA75 and LCR45.
Component types: Automatic detection.
DCA75 Pinout detection. Automatic.
LCR45 test frequencies: Auto/Man.: DC, 1kHz, 15kHz, 200kHz.
LCR45 display type: Alphanumeric LCD (not backlit).
DCA75 display type: Graphic LCD (not backlit).

ATPK3 - Atlas Pro Pack - LCR45 + DCA75 + Case

Peak Electronic Design Limited
270.00 (225.00 ex VAT)
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Certificate of Calibration

ATPK3 - Atlas Pro Pack - LCR45 + DCA75 + Case Information:

By popular demand, we now offer this Atlas Pro Pack, complete with extra spare batteries for each instrument, custom carry case and user guides.

This pack contains the LCR45 Passive Component Impedance Meter, great for advanced hobbyists and professionals.

It also contains the very popular DCA Pro (model DCA75), fantastic for component identification, pinout identification, detailed characteristic measurement and curve tracing on a PC. Complete with USB cable and software on a USB flash drive.

Please see the individual instrument pages for more detailed information on each product.

This special offer deal saves you over £16 on the individual item costs.

  • LCR45 Passive Component Impedance Meter.
  • DCA75 Semiconductor Analyser.
  • Micro USB cable (for the DCA75).
  • USB flash drive for the DCA75 PC software.
  • LCR45 includes 2mm plugs and sockets and removeable hook probes.
  • Comprehensive illustrated user guide for each instrument.
  • Alkaline battery installed in each instrument.
  • Spare alkaline battery for each instrument.
  • Padded carry case.

Optional certificate of calibration covers both instruments and includes results of manual verification tests. Instruments are calibrated the same way regardless of whether you require the certificate.

Please note that the product colour/appearance may vary. The LCR45 and the DCA75 are not backlit.
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