LX30 - Extension Cable for LCR40/45

LX30 - Extension Cable for LCR40/45

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LX30 - Extension Cable for LCR40/45 Information:

New extension cable for your LCR40/45. This can be used on any LCR40/45 that is already fitted with the standard 2mm plugs.

Overall length (tip-to-tip): 305mm ±10mm
Capacitance between conductor pairs: 21pF ± 2.5pF
Loop resistance: 76 milli-Ohms ± 5 milli-Ohms
Loop inductance: 0.15uH ± 0.05uH

It is advisable to perform a Probe Compensation procedure on your LCR40/45 after fitting this extension cable. If you remove the extension cable then perform the Probe Compensation procedure again.

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