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UTP05E - Ultimate Atlas IT Kit

Analyser type: Network cables (UTP RJ45 Cat5/6).
Cable type detection: Automatic.
Cables supported: Patch, cross-over and many more.
Test method: Connection pattern.
Terminator type: RJ45.
RJ45-R11 Adapter: 2 included.
Identified terminators: 24 unique IDs included.
RJ45-Croc adapter: 8-way included.
Display type: Alphanumeric LCD (not backlit).

UTP05E - Ultimate Atlas IT Kit

Peak Electronic Design Limited
285.00 (237.50 ex VAT)
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UTP05E - Ultimate Atlas IT Kit Information:

Comprehensive CAT 5/5e/6 network cable analyser with superb accessories. Easy to use and very fast. Automatically identifies cable type (Straight through, cross-over, token ring etc) and verifies all the connections. Faults are clearly displayed and explained on screen. The Atlas IT will even instruct you on making up standard and special cables, complete with wire colours. Display type is alphanumeric LCD (not backlit).

  • Rapid assessment of all 8 wires within your cable (shielding not tested).
  • Automatic connection pattern recognition (eg. cross-over, token ring, 4-wire, etc)
  • Identifies missing connections, shorted connections or incorrect connections.
  • Can display common cable colour codes to help you make up cables.
  • Will display the identity number of the "identified" terminators to allow for easy testing and identification of multiple cable runs.

  • UTP05 instrument.
  • 2 miniature terminators to plug into other end of cable run.
  • 24 miniature identified terminators, great for testing and identifying multiple cable runs.
  • 4 short patch cables to enable testing of patch panels and wall sockets.
  • RJ45 to 8 x gold plated crocodile adapter for testing unterminated cables.
  • Pair of RJ11-to-RJ45 adapters to allow for easy testing of RJ11 based cabling.
  • Detailed printed user guide, complete with full-colour Ethernet wiring chart for common cable configurations.
  • All supplied in a durable padded carry case.
  • Alkaline battery installed and a spare alkaline battery.

This package saves you over £27 on the individual item costs.

Technical Specifications

Category: Cat 5, 5e, 6 (UTP)
Connection type: RJ45 plug or socket (RJ11 using supplied adapter set)
Lines tested: 8 lines (shielding not tested)
Max. cable length: 150 metres (500 feet)
Test voltage: ±5V into open circuit
Test current: ±2.5mA into short circuit
Operating temperature range: 15°C to 35°C (60°F to 95°F)
Battery operating range: 7.0V to 13.0V
Battery type: GP23, L1128, MN21, V23 (12V Alkaline)
Instrument dimensions: 103 x 70 x 20mm (4.1" x 2.8" x 0.8")
Terminator dimensions: 18 x 15 x 14mm (0.7" x 0.6" x 0.6")


Data Sheet (EN)
User Guide (EN)
User Guide (DE)
User Guide (IT)
User Guide (FR)
Common Ethernet Wiring Diagrams
Avoid socket damage

Please note that the product colour/appearance may vary.
Current firmware: 4.0
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