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Ethernet (Cat 5) Wiring Diagrams
Category 5, Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, Wiring Diagrams, Network Cables, Straight Through cables, crossover cables, token ring cables, RJ45, UTP, STP,
wiring instructions:
Straight Through (8-wire) Patch Cable Straight Through (4-wire) Economy Patch Cable
Full straight through patch cable (8 wires) Economy patch cable (4 wires)
Straight Through (6-wire) Voice/Data Cable Twisted (Crossover) Linn Audio Cable
Voice/Data Ethernet cable (6 wires) Twisted (Crossover) Linn Audio Cable
Crossover Cable (8-wire) Economy Crossover Cable (4-wire)
Crossover Cable (8 wires) Economy Crossover Cable (4 wires)
Token Ring Cable Ethernet Economiser (Economizer / Splitter)
Token Ring Cable Ethernet Economiser (Economizer) Cable Doubler and Splitter
All these cable types will be automatically analysed by the Atlas IT (Firmware V2 or later). Cable type identification for these cable types (including faulty cables) is performed by the Atlas IT (Firmware V3 or later). Click here for product details. Atlas IT - Model UTP05 - Network Cable Analyser
To download these diagrams as a PDF file then click here.


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